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•  2 speed turn table

  Built-in table inflator with jets in the jaws

   Unique mount/demount head does not   touch the rim   during operation

   Locking handle locks head away from the rim

   Powerful action bead-breaker blade follows bead to inside rim contour

   Heavy-duty turntable rotates in either direction

   Rebuildable stainless steel cylinders

   Heavy-duty stainless steel turntable

   Safe, fast, profitable and affordable

   Pneumatic-locking mount/demount head

   Sturdy tilt-back tower

   Tire pressure sensor style rims changes safely
   Shipping weight 573 lbs.

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The company could modify the characteristics of the products anytime.


Corghi Usa Inc.
6067 Schumacher Park Dr
West Chester, OH 45069
Tel: Local number (513) 874-5958 , Toll free 1-800-260-0968

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the characteristics of its products at any time.